The 14th International Conference on Lactoferrin took place from November 4-8, 2019 in Lima, Peru. The conference takes place every 2 years. The event was hosted by Dr. Theresa Ochoa, Neonatologist and Researcher from the Cayetano Heredia University of Peru (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia).
The week-long event was attended by a range of international scientists, and was dedicated to Lactoferrin – its biochemical properties, biological function and clinical applications.
Lactoferrin has been part of evolution for around 160 million years, and part of the human immune system for around 75 million years.  It was first discovered by Sorensen and Sorensen in 1939 in cow’s milk.  It was isolated in the 1960’s, in separate research by Groves, Montreuil et al., and Johansson.  Since that time, it has been intensively researched.  As a component of the immune system, and also as a transport protein for iron, Lactoferrin holds enormous potential for scientific investigation – its various mechanisms of action, interactions with other structures and potential beneficial effects for human health. 
The conference comprised of 56 oral presentations, 21 Poster presentations, 1 symposium, and many individual meetings.  The ground work and clinical research of scientists active world-wide was presented.  Current results, future outlooks & perspectives were discussed.
This year’s programme included a special symposium on Lactoferrin clinical studies in neonates, immune modulation, and bio-equivalence.  
Lactoferrin iron saturation, purity, integrity, and stability were of key focus – as to what effect these have on its functions and potential applications.  
Besides all the interesting information, and stimulating discussions, we made important findings in the context of future projects that will be crucial for us.  
Lastly, we were delighted to invite some of the scientists to be filmed and interviewed.  Here is a 20-minute video recording for you to enjoy.