We are Mercurius Production

Mercurius Production is part of the Mercurius Group. As a fairly new company we are planning to change the way lactoferrin as an ingredient is perceived.  We are specialized in the production of lactoferrin and your No.1 partner when it comes to high-purity lactoferrin. We work hand in hand with an experienced production partner, with almost 100 years of experience in milk processing.
Many lactoferrin producers use simple extraction methods from skim milk or cheese whey – but in order to be able to use the full potential of lactoferrin it is crucial to purify the protein from contaminants found in raw milk and whey.
As we have one of the most modern and efficient production facilities in Europe, we ensure stable and constant results. Through additional cleaning processes and gentle drying methods, we are able to produce premium quality bovine lactoferrin.